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Who is leading the Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative?

The Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative is a planning effort led by the National Capital Planning Commission, through coordination with the District of Columbia Office of Planning, and other local and federal agencies.

The DC Office of Planning is leading the Maryland Avenue SW Plan, which is the District's contribution to the Southwest Ecodistrict.

What's the purpose of this forum?

This online forum has been established to collect your comments and feedback about the Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative and the Maryland Avenue SW corridor. It will be available at various stages throughout the planning process to collect input on a range of planning topics.

At this point in the planning process, we'd like to get your input on the future use and character of the Southwest Ecodistrict as a sustainable and livable community. What activities, amenities, and connections would improve existing and new streets? What are the benefits and impacts if new streets like Maryland Avenue, SW and F Street, SW are established? We want to know what types of uses and components should be included in the range of development scenarios to be studied. (View map of the study area »)

General and specific comments are welcomed on one or more of the topics below! Before submitting your comments, we invite you to review the links that contain contextual information, strategies, diagrams, and questions. (PDF format).

Existing Conditions Context



Mobility and Connections

Sustainability Context and Strategies

Rendering of revitalized 10th Street SW
Framework Plan proposal for 10th Street corridor
Rendering of revitalized Maryland Ave SW
Framework Plan proposal for Maryland Avenue corridor

How will my comments and ideas be used?

All of the input and ideas gathered through this site will be used to help us explore a range of development scenarios being developed this spring and summer. Preliminary recommendations for the Southwest Ecodistrict will be presented at a community forum later in the summer for your review and comment.

How does the Maryland Avenue SW Plan relate to the Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative?

As part of the Southwest Ecodistrict Initiative, the DC Office of Planning (OP) will work with stakeholders and the public to prepare the Maryland Avenue SW plan, a small area plan that will guide local planning and development decisions regarding land use, zoning, urban design and infrastructure strategies for corridor. The public can also comment on the Maryland Avenue SW Plan through this online forum and by attending public meetings, sponsored by NCPC and OP.

When is the deadline for posting comments during this second phase of public input?

The deadline for posting comments for this first phase of public input is August 12, 2011.

How do I post comments?

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Note: By posting on this forum, you agree to waive any proprietary rights or interest in the ideas you contribute, and understand that ideas shared on this forum may be incorporated into a potential solution implemented for the Southwest Ecodistrict.

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