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Decking of 395 - Think 2100

As you scope out decking I-395 west of 9th Street, also estimate east of 9th Street as far as 4th Street. I believe decking the freeway this far is part of the current Millennium Plan the District is using to guide development through this century, so the sooner the better.


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    I-395 is by far the biggest impediment to the future growth of the entire SW area. Decking should be extended as far as 4th St if possible and if not (due to height restrictions) at a minimum should extend to 7th St with a large pedestrian plaza on the East side of the 7th St. bridge to cover as much of the highway from 7th towards 4th. I would prefer to see the vast majority of the new land created by this decking to be reserved for parkland and pedestrian plazas. This should absolutely be the number one priority for this plan.

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    Thank you for sending the article along. Yes! We saw this a few days ago, clipped it and will these exampels as a precedent to convey what we'd like to accomplish. Keep the ideas coming!!

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