Maryland Avenue Corridor

Banneker Park Farmers Market

Using the Banneker Park strech to the Energie building as a farmers makert would be ideal. This strech is often empty during the weekend, wich allows for plenty of parking. Also, with the corrent signage would bring visitors/turist from the national mall/Smithsonian.


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    Thanks to you all for submitting your ideas and comments. We appreciate it! SW Ecodistrict Project Staff.

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    I think this idea has possibilities -- farmers' market to support local agriculture and flea market to promote recycling. The space between USPS HQ and Loew's could be used as well as 10th St.

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    On the other hand, there isn't much residential within a convenient walking distance -- doesn't bode well for the farmers. Also, there are very well established large farmers markets on the Hill and in Georgetown among others -- I don't think there would be enough demand to make it successful. And on the other, other hand, I think gourmet food trucks could be successful. Can spots be reserved for them on 10th? on Independence? What about weekend food trucks in the Ag Department parking lot where they have a farmer's market on Fridays?

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