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Alternative to Interstate Decking

If we are thinking as big as possibly decking I-395 in this area, why not also consider the possibility of highway deconstruction. Many urban areas have recently demolished stretches of highway in downtown areas to reconnect the urban fabric.

This may be completely infeasible, but no more extreme than decking the highway - and probably more beneficial and more in line with the L'Enfant plan.


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    Thanks for your input and idea. Removal of the highway would be more in line with L'Enfant's plan; however, there are many challenges to removing it althogether. Many of the Commission's long term plans (Extending the Legacy and the Monumental Core Framework Plan) look at various ways to mitigate or minimize these infrastructure barriers. One objective of the SW Ecodistrict is to develop recommendations that could be realized within the coming decade. We believe that decking a portion of the freeway is a strategy that could occur in the near to mid-term to connect the National Mall and waterfront.

    Best Regards,

    Elizabeth Miller, Project Manager

    Southwest Ecodistrict

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    As a motorists I can't imagine a DC without 395 to get you in/out of the downtown core.

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